A novel – finally! :-)

I finally did it! I’ve completed a novel.

Over the years I’ve had a few false starts in attempting to write a longer prose work. But looking back, they were important steps that have helped me complete this one.

Its current title is ‘Staring at the Sun’ and I’m not sure how it fits into the genre-driven market place. Perhaps near-future science fiction? With some romance and a little bit of a thriller element to it…?

Abrolhos Big Rat Island sunrise.png

Anyway, it needs to be published, and finding a publisher could take as long as it took me to write the thing! But, on reflection, the act of writing was such fun! It was hard, too, (don’t misunderstand me) but the pleasure of shaping the unfolding story, and the privilege of sharing in the lives of these completely made-up characters, was great.

And if you are intrigued, here’s a short outline:

Cell biologist, Dr Daniel Fredericks, is driven by his ambition to work in the exceptional facilities provided by the commercial pharmaceutical company, Artemis Global. Plus he receives a substantial salary and bonuses. His research is associated with realising the physical immortality of Tanya, a brain-dead cadaver, kept functioning through nanotechnology.

His mother, Brigid, is a scholarly expert on the epic of the Assyrian king, Gilgamesh, and this ancient story highlights the futility of Daniel’s quest.

Sandy, a laboratory technician at Artemis Industries, becomes curious about Tanya after she learns about the drug addict, Raf, who wants to know what has happened to his girlfriend. Daniel starts dating Sandy, and her concern for Tanya, coupled with his mother’s questioning of his work, prompt him to examine more deeply his own motives and ethics.

When Daniel discovers how Tanya’s body was procured, this further complicates the  dilemmas around his research. Does he have the moral courage to do the right thing?

I’ll let you know if it ever gets published!