Reviewing Theatre

theatre masksOver the past 6 months or so, I’ve begun writing reviews of theatre here in Perth. I write for The Australia Times, an online magazine, that comes out bi-monthly.
As it is not a frequent publication, the reviews can be longer and more considered than the few hundred words allowed for more immediate reviews. The longer, later review may not be as attractive to theatre companies who see reviews as part of their PR strategy, and so want them to come out early on in the production’s run to generate bums on seats. It means that the production can be considered in a different way – not just as an expression of a particular reviewer’s taste or as an indicator of whether they recommend an audience attend it or not. The lofty aim I’m striving for is to build up a record of a production in some depth, place it in a wider context, and attempt to articulate a contemporary ‘canon’ for the theatre we see in Perth. I can’t see everything, or write about everything I see, but I hope I can make a small contribution to a bigger conversation.
I’m new at this, and maybe there are other ways of achieving it, but I’m having a go, at least. You can find my reviews posted here: Theatre Reviews

I also wrote an article about FringeWorld 2015 looking at the economic impact this has not only on businesses, but on artists, too: Forget Passion: unpaid work keeps fine festivals afloat.