I’m a writer and performer, working across media: poetry, prose, performance, science, and spoken word. I’m most inspired by the big questions of the day and the small moments that link us all. I feel at my most creative when blending music, sound, text, light and movement in live performance, or when building an imagined world, peopled with relatable characters, engaging with the big issues of today.


You can see the Plays I’ve written here;

the Poetry and Prose I’ve published here;

and a selection of my Acting and Directing Credits here.

I have been interviewed or featured on the following broadcasts or websites:
ABC Radio National Poetica
ABC TV Stateline

I also perform/record my writing and the work of other writers. I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to several festivals, both for writing and for theatre in Australia, UK and USA.

I’m committed to arts development and inclusivity in the community, and run workshops on playwriting, on poetry writing for children in schools, on transcreating work across language and culture, adult creative writing classes, and sessions to help writers perform their work at readings and events. I work closely with Afeif Ismail transcreating his poetry and plays into English.

I have a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Western Australia (UWA), researching representations of science in performance and writing a full-length performance work. I am current an Honorary Research Fellow at UWA. I have a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Botany from Imperial College, London. Amongst other positions held, I’ve worked as a project co-ordinator for Out of the Asylum Writers (WA), as a financial officer for indigo journal (WA) and festival co-director for The Arts Catalyst (London), an organisation that I co-founded with Nicola Triscott in 1993.

I was honoured to be invited to the following residencies:

Artist-in-residence, Bush Retreat for Ecowriters (BREW), Blue Bucket, Murringo, NSW, 2019
Invited artist at Djerassi Resident Artists Program, California, USA, 2015 [ http://djerassi.org/ ], and recipient of the Anne and Rodney Pearlman Fellowship
Writer-in-residence at The Arts Catalyst Science Art Agency (supported by a WA Playwrights Development Initiative Award), Aug/Sept, London, 2012 [ http://www.artscatalyst.org/ ]
Playwright-in-residence Cummins Theatre, Merredin, WA, supported by Stages, 2013
Writer-in-Residence, Peter Cowan Writers Centre, ECU campus, Joondalup, Oct-Nov 2011.

10 comments on “About

  1. Hi Vivienne,

    Just come across your site. Some time ago I did a poetry workshop with you as part of UWA extension (I can’t remember the year). Since that time my poetry has come along in leaps and bounds. This year alone I have had 7 poems either publoshed or accepted for publication both in Australia and the UK. One of them, I even wrote in your workshop – December in Great Bentley. That is more than I have had published in the 10 years previously.

    So I thought I’d take the opportunity to say thank-you for your knowledge and expertise.



    • Thanks you, George, I really appreciate your comments. And congratulations on your successes, I’m sure they will continue. Perhaps you could pass this on to the people at UWA Extension, too, they are always looking for feedback and postive outcomes 🙂

  2. Michael O'Brien says:

    Can you believe I once auditioned you for a play I was putting on at a pub theatre in London in 1990 (the play was a distaster by the way).

    • Hi Michael, sorry I’ve just seen this – I don’t know what’s happened to my feed!
      Thanks for remembering me. Which play/pub theatre was it? Are you still involved in directing theatre?

  3. Andrée Greenwell says:

    Dear Vivian, I quoted your idea of ‘transcreation’ in my doctoral exegesis ”Theatres of Music in recent composition-led works of Andrée Greenwell, UoW 2012′. I hope you have time to read it an enjoy … Kind regards Andrée Greenwell http://ro.uow.edu.au/theses/3795/

    • Thank you Andree, I’m glad you found the idea of value. However, please note my name is spelt ‘Vivienne’ which might be important for cross-referencing. I hope it was not misspelt in your source text 🙂

  4. Oni says:

    Hi Ms. Glance!

    I’m trying to look for information about one your plays called ‘Final Words’ but I can’t seem to find much. I hope you don’t mind me asking some questions about it.

    When was the play written?
    Is there a specific location in which this play takes place or it is just an execution room?
    What is the main idea surrounding this play?
    Was it influenced by personal experiences or events during the time of writing?
    What’s its genre?


    • Hi Oni,
      The play hasn’t been produced yet, even though it was shortlisted in the Malibu One Act Play Festival, California, USA (2002) – the year it was written. It has been considered for production a few times, but these have not come to fruition.
      To find out more about the actual play, it would be best to read it. You can purchase a copy from Australian Plays: https://australianplays.org/script/ASC-1471
      This site also contains a synopsis of the work.
      It is a work of fiction and and reflects my opposition to capital punishment.
      Very best

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