Transcreating with Afeif Ismail

Transcreation is an artistic reworking of a literal translation that
aims to keep the cultural richness of the original language by working
with the creator of the text.

Here’s a radio programme about Afeif and myself and how we work together:
ABC Radio National 360 documentaries

And an interview with Afeif, Jeremy Rice and myself about the play ‘3 Seeds’ on ABC Radio’s Books and Arts Daily.

Some footage of IN GODOT’S LABYRINTH, one of the plays in ‘3 SEEDS’ Blue Room Theatre, Northbridge, directed by Jeremy Rice, 2014

‘THE SON OF THE NILE’ Nexus Theatre, Murdoch University, directed by David Moody, 2012

Af Mag

‘THE AFRICAN MAGICIAN,’ Barking Gecko Children’s Theatre 2010 (nominated for AWGIE Award 2011)

Transcreated poems have been featured on ABC Radio National Poetica

‘THE SON OF THE SUN’ commissioned by Barking Gecko Theatre, 2008 Playwriting Australia Canberra workshops selected script, 2008, shortlisted Kit Denton Writers of Courage Award 2007

‘THE SHROUDS OR THE DEAD’ co-recipient of WA Theatre Development Initiative (WATDI) grant, 2009

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