Poetry and Prose

Breath of the Sea, ISBN 978-0-9579807-8-5, anthology, Eds Carolyn Abbs, Christopher Konrad, Ten Eclectic Poets, (6 poems), 2013;
A Simple Rain, ISBN 978-09758334-5-2, collection of poetry and photography by Perdita Phillips (18 poems), Lethologica Press, 2012;
The Softness of Water, ISBN 978-0-9806802-0-1, poetry collection published by Sunline Press, 2009 (90 pages), available here;
Amber Contains the Sun, ISBN 978-0-646-50505-3, anthology, Ed: Shane McCauley, with support from Department of Culture and the Arts, WA, (14 poems), 2009.


Staring at the Sun (104K words)
“Daniel works at Artemis Global researching human immortality. Charismatic Chief Scientific Officer, Dianne Merritt, lavishes him with praise and accolades. When Tanya dies from an overdose, her boyfriend, Raf, believes Karim, Head of Security, is involved somehow. Brigid, Daniel’s mother, researches The Epic of Gilgamesh, a story highlighting the futility of his quest. As his father’s health fails, Daniel must choose whether to expose Artemis’s dubious practices or continue to reap the benefits.”

The Story Shall be Changed (90K words)
shortlisted for Green Stories International Adult Novel competition, 2020
“During a visit to an old-growth forest, Melissa, a journalist, meets activists, Tom and Eva. She comes under the spell of the forest with its rich diversity, and the mesmerising personality of Eva. She and Tom become lovers, but realise they cannot be together. After a forest fire, Eva disappears, and Melissa is asked to investigate what happened to her. What she discovers tests her belief in telling the truth above all else, or acting for the greater good.”

‘From the Ground Up’, Short Stories Australia, 2005; 2nd prize Spilt Ink Prose Competition, 2005;
‘This Burning Inside’, Short Stories Australia, 2005;
‘Orange Leaflet’, Word Thirst, #2, 2003;
‘Red Seaweed’, Marginata Journal, 2003;
‘Seeds of Life’, Friday’s Page, OOTA publication, 2002.


‘We are not Plants’, Voices of Nature 2020, Australian Earth laws Alliance, audio-visual poem with videographer, Sophie Minissale

‘In the Dirt of Me’, Westerly – Crossings online issue, 2017;
‘Lake’, Cuttlefish, ISBN 978-0-9806802-7-0, Sunline Press, 2015;
‘Dissolve’, ‘All that Glitters’ & ‘Open House’, All Living Language, anthology, ISBN 978-0-9808579-4-8, City of Joondalup & Peter Cowan Writers Centre, 2015;
‘One by One’, Westerly, 59.2, ISBN 978-0-9873180-5-3, Eds. Delys Bird, Tony Hughes-d’Aeth, Westerly Centre, University of Western Australia, Perth, 2014;
‘enwombed’, Writ Poetry Review, 2014;
‘On watching a stranger, unobserved’, Westerly, 58:2, Ed. Dennis Haskell, 2013;
‘I see, therefore I believe’, Trove Special Issue online journal, May 2013;
‘Opening night’, Recoil: Perth Poetry Club anthology, Mulla Mulla Press, 2013;
‘The Flowering Tree’, 2nd prize Poetry d’Amour competition, Poetry d’Amour, ISBN 9780987363312, anthology, Ed. Dennis Haskell, WA Poets Inc, 2013;
‘Apple Tree’ & ‘her mind is a playground’, Indian Literature, ISSN 0019580-4, No. 267, Vol LVI, no. 1, Guest Editor, A. J. Thomas, 2012;
‘Scientific date’, Love Poetry, ISBN 978-9870771-4-1, chapbook, Ed. Shane McCauley, Mulla Mulla Press, 2012;
‘that fundamental precision of broken bones’, Trove online journal, Dec 2011;
‘Visible’, Dialogue among Civilisations, ISBN 978-0-620-46588-5, published by Arts for Humanity, Durban, S. Africa, 2011;
‘A Certain Thought, Trove online journal, Dec 2010;
‘Framed’ – Westerly, ISBN 978-09804371-7-1, vol 55:2, Nov 2010;
‘Bronze by Degas’, Indigo Journal, ISBN 978-0-9805186-1-7, Summer 2009 Vol #3, Sarah French poetry editor;
‘He Murders’, Cottonmouth Artillery Special Edition, Nov 2009;
‘Boxes’, Cottonmouth, issue 16, May 2009;
‘Indian Tea’, Poetry without Borders, ISBN 978-1-920957-52-0, anthology, Picaro Press, Ed: Michelle Cahill 2008;
‘Desire’, ‘inspiration’, & Nightwatchwoman’, – Colloquy on line journal issue 15, 2008.
‘Favourite Places’, 28 short poems exhibited with paintings by Christobel Bennett Heritage House Gallery, South Perth, 2008, commissioned by City of South Perth.
‘Indian Tea’, Mascara #3 online journal, Eds Boey Kim Cheng & Michelle Cahill, March 2008;
‘Plain Jane’, Cottonmouth, issue 9, Oct 2008;
‘Operation Supermarket’, Cottonmouth, issue 8, Sept 2008;
‘Notes of the cello’, Idiom, 23 vol 19, Ed. Liz Huf, 2007;
‘synaptic cleft’ TEXT Journal of the Australian Association of Writing Programs, 2007;
‘spectrum’ Indigo Journal, vol 1, 2007; Mascara #3 online journal, Eds Boey Kim Cheng & Michelle Cahill, March 2008;
‘I didn’t write a poem for this slam’, Joint 1st place Stand and Deliver, poetry slam, Perth, 2007;
‘A-poetic seduction’, Winner WA State Final of National Poetry Slam 2007; 3rd place National Poetry Slam, Sydney, 2007;
17 short poems for Journeys exhibited with paintings by Jane McKay, ELEMENTS Gallery Hay Street, Subiaco, May 2007;
‘Summer’s End’, The Weighing of the Heart, Sunline Press, 2007; Blue Dog, Vol 5 journal of Poetry Australia Foundation, 2007;
‘my muse encounter by a wall’ – Pixel Papers, #37, online publication, 2006;
‘still wait’, Pixel Papers, #37, online publication, 2006;
‘impressions of’ & ‘the artist as divine’, Reading the Collection, City of Fremantle exhibition & catalogue, 2006, & Illumina, ECU online journal, 2007;
‘Peace’, The Peace Tree, online publication, 2006;
‘He Murders’, Poems About War, Poets Union, The Peace Tree online, 2003;
publication & The Word Is Out Journal, WA Spring Poetry Festival, 2006;
‘Rule 157’, The Weighing of the Heart, anthology to be published by Sunline Press, 2006;
‘scream (from tal afar)’, Thirst, vol.1.1 & Poet’s Corner Anthology & The Immigrant Arabic Newspaper, 2005;
‘Adorned’, Tineke Van der Eecken’s Amalgam exhibition catalogue, Monart Gallery, 2005;
‘Creative Touch’, Tineke Van der Eecken’s Amalgam exhibition catalogue, Monart, 2005;
‘Tea’, commended, C J Dennis Literary Award, 2004;
‘Daisies Café’, Marginata Journal, 2004;
’First Person Singular’ – Word Thirst, #2, 2004;
‘Cheque for a dream’, Blue Dog, journal of Poetry Australia Foundation, Jan 2004;
Word Thirst #2, 2004; & Joint second prize winner, Southern Cross literary competition, Ballaraat Writing Council, VIC, 2002;
Six poems as part of Photograffiti, a poetry and photography exhibition – Tressilian Photographic Society, 2003;
‘What’s the Time?’, Word Thirst, #2 , 2004; Open Boat Barbed Wire Sky, Poems for Refugees, Live Poets Press, 2003, Poems about War, Poets Union, 2003, Hills Peace Festival, Exhibition, 2003;
‘One Night/Every Night’, Poems About War, Poets Union, 2003;
‘Brown seeds haiku’, Word Thirst #1, 2003;
‘The Grass will still grow’, Friday’s Page, Out of the Asylum publication, 2002.

‘Late Summer Melody’, ‘When the Lake is a Question’, ‘Perry’s Paddock’ & ‘Always Near’, 4 songs as part of Banuru Songs, with composer Alberto Caruso, commissioned by the Joondalup Festival, WA, 2013;
Banuru Songs / Festival of Joondalup short documentary
‘Two Absurdist Songs’, from stage production of The Cat in the Box with composer Jangoo Chapkhana, published by Kookaburra Music, 2013.

Words in the Valley, Bridgetown and Greenbushes Writers and Readers Festival, WA, 2013;
Poetry d’Amour 2013, Japanese Gardens, Perth Zoo, WA, 2013;
Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (supported by writingWA) October 2012;
Perth Writers Festival, panels chair, PIAF/UWA, WA, 2012 incl. Elliot Perlman, Cate Kennedy, Johan Harstad, Stephen Scourfield;
Poetry d’Amour 2012, Japanese Gardens, Perth Zoo, WA, 2012;
Writer-in-Residence Peter Cowan Writers Centre, ECU campus, Joondalup, WA, 4 weeks including 40 hours contact time with writers, poets and playwrights, Oct-Nov 2011;
Big Sky Festival, Greenough-Geraldton, WA, 2010;
Festival of Voice, Denmark, WA, 2010;
Sprung Festival, Albany, WA, 2009;
Overload Poetry Festival, Melbourne, VIC, 2009;
A Propos Poetry, 2009 writingWA, Perth, WA panel member and panel chair;
Word Up! Part of the Artrage Northbridge Festival, WA, 2008;
Sprung Festival, Albany, WA, 2008;
Perth Writers Festival, PIAF/UWA, WA 2008;
WA Spring Poetry Festival, Perth, WA, chair for panel incl. Dorothy Porter and Alvin Pang, 2007;
WA Spring Poetry Festival, 2006-2010;
Various talks presented to community and writing groups in WA.

READINGS (featured)
Performance poetry and poetry has been featured on radio and television including ABC Radio National 360 Documentary, ABC TV Stateline, ABC Radio National Poetica, Ethnic Community Radio, RTR FM, Writers’ Radio Adelaide, Twin Cities Radio; 100,00 Poets for Change, Fremantle, 2012;
Voicebox, Fremantle 2012;
Perth Writers Festival 2010, PIAF/UWA (Guerilla Poet);
Night Words Spoken Word Festival, Sydney Opera House Studio March 2008;
Cottonmouth Spoken Word, Rosemount Hotel, 2008 & 2009;
De Ness @ Scott’s (3 appearances) 2008;
Poets Corner (host for Performance Poetry event), WA State Library 2008;
Poets Corner, State Library WA, part of Spring Poetry Festival, 2007;
WA Business and the Arts Partnership Awards 2007;
OOTA National Poetry Week Reading, 2007;
Lentil As Anything, Melbourne VIC, 2007;
Poetry Without Borders, Sydney, 2007;
Sudanese Community Event, Liverpool NSW, 2007;
Launch of indigo vol #1, Fremantle Arts Centre, 2007;
Ruth Faulkner Library, City of Belmont, Harmony Week, 2007;
A. I. International Human Rights Day, Kulcha, Fremantle, 2006;
Poets Corner, State Library WA, part of Spring Poetry Festival, 2006;
VOICEBOX Fremantle, 2006;
Ruth Faulkner Library, City of Belmont, Spring Poetry Festival, 2006;
‘an exorcise in poetic hybridity’, WA Spring Poetry Festival, 2006;
‘Unpoets do cry’, WA Spring Poetry festival, 2006;
Open Face performance poetry Spring Poetry Festival, 2006;
Trekking the Trail Festival, Darlington, 2006;
Walking on Water – Emerging Writer, 2006;
SubVerse – Spring Poetry Month, 2005;
Poets Corner, State Library WA, part of Spring Poetry Festival, 2005;
RTR FM – National Poetry Week, 2005;
Hills Peace Festival, 2005;
Speaking Lines – OOTA, 2005;
Sunday at Tom’s FAWWA, 2005;
Amalgam – Monart Gallery, 2005;
Attack of the Poets / Empowa Tag Team, Word of Mouth Literary Festival, 2002.

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