‘Parla la Donna’ Turin, Italy, and International Women’s Day 2013

FTCP 2011 T&C

As you may know, March 8th is International Women’s Day.
This week at Teatro Espace in Turin, Italy, Ulla Alasjarvi is holding a 5-day celebration, titled “Parla la donna”, presenting performance writing by women from around the world. These works will be “about the life of women in different countries, in different cultural, ethnic and religious circumstances … questions, thoughts, opinions, experiences… concerning the female reality in different aspects and in different situations.”
My short play, Modern Gods is part of this event – and translated into Italian!!
There’s something about having an International Women’s Day that is starting a ripple in people’s consciousness. It’s a day where women’s ideas, life challenges, joy and love are celebrated. I’ve been asked to read some relevant poems on RTR FM, a local radio station this morning, and later today there is a talk (one of many I’m sure) about women – this particular one is about the changing role of women in universities. As I have just attended my PhD graduation ceremony at UWA I’m curious about that one!
So, to all the women out there, and all the men and boys who love and cherish them, Happy International Women’s Day!

[photo: Chennai, India, 2010 by Vivienne Glance]

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