Writing Residency in the Wheatbelt

I’m looking forward to the 3 weeks writing residency with the Cummins Theatre in Merredin in Western Australia from mid-September. Supported by Stages WA Playwrights Consortium and the Cummins Theatre Artistic Director, Brendan McCall, I will be researching some of the unique flora found in this area and weaving this into a new play. More about this later…

One comment on “Writing Residency in the Wheatbelt

  1. I´m really looking forward to meeting you, Vivienne, and collaborating with you on the new work that you will be creating through this new residency program at the Cummins Theatre in Merredin, Western Australia. Since beginning to run the Theatre in September 2012, I´ve been interested in restructuring the venue´s mission, programming, and relation to its community. Part of this has been to redefine our work on a yearly basis, and to include other sorts of cultural and artistic activity beyond “just” touring shows or local amateur theatre. Providing a temporary home for artists such as yourself to have some unstructured time to let your imagination roam is both a gift to our community, as well as an important contribution to our larger field as theater artists (particularly with the closing of Deckchair last year). Myself and the Cummins Theatre are dedicated to supporting artists and new work, and we are grateful to you & Stages WA for making this new residency into a reality. See you soon!

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