10 Years of Transcreation

Afeif and I are celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of our unique productive collaboration – transcreation this Saturday 4th October 2014.

Viv and Afeif ABC Studios

Featuring Dennis Haskell, Roderic Pitty, and David Moody we will share what we’ve achieved and what it means not only to us, but further afield. Transcreation, as we see it, isn’t just a means to bring Afeif’s words from Arabic into English, but a process of cross-cultural engagement. I hope you’ll be able to join the celebration and taste the complimentary Sudanese finger food, tea, coffee and soft drinks, as well as listen to the wonderful music of Nazik Osman & Eltayeb Hamid.

DATE: 4th October 2014
TIME: 7pm to 9:30pm
VENUE: Ethnic Communities Council’s Hall, 20 View Street, North Perth WA 6006
Books available for sale on the night.

One comment on “10 Years of Transcreation

  1. A wonderfully productive collaboration, thanks for sharing with Poets CornerWA right at the beginning…

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