Letters to Our Home

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Letters to Our Home is ‘artivism’ in action!

Letters to Our Home was conceived during the Australian bushfire crisis during the summer of 2019/2020. It was inspired by the northern hemisphere publication, Letters to the Earth, and like that publication we hope creative responses to the growing climate, biodiversity and environmental crises will help us come to terms with the situation we collectively face, nurture our spirits and inspire us to take, and to demand, action.

The contributors to this collection vary from school-age children to parents, workers and retired people, published poets and newcomers. They write from their hearts and are inspired by their passion to see art as a selfless act of giving, and as activism.

All proceeds from Letters to Our Home will be split between the Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) and the WA Forest Alliance (WAFA) Forests for Life.
EDO fight tirelessly to protect the environment from legislative harm, and WAFA have worked for decades to save our old-growth native forests from destructive logging and other harms.

Purchase from the Mulla Mulla Press website

$10 + postage, packing and handling
50 pages with photos

We hope you enjoy this brief journey around Western Australia’s unique precious places and how we as humans live within them.


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