Bruised – now available from Australian Plays!

I wrote this play as a cry for action! As an antidote to the inaction caused by despair… It’s now available on Australian Plays. I hope you like it. Here’s a brief outline of the play –

Climate change and extreme weather are the new reality in our lives. 3 women, a Former Astronaut, a Birdwatcher, and a Migrant, are each bruised by their lives. Over dinner, the great cycles of the world are revealed: ocean circulations, migratory birds and people. Through monologues, vignettes and the female gaze, current and future challenges are revealed. But in the end, there’s hope. There must be hope.

Watch out for updates on productions 🙂

And keep hoping – because hope demands action, as I wrote in the following song lyrics:


Are you looking, are you listening

Are you frightened by what you see?

We have pleaded, we are needed

We must succeed and be fossil free.


Are you acting in time and in the way the planet needs?

Are you hoping your child will not suffer from their greed?

But hope demands action and action brings hope

So rise up with your action your body and your voice.

We are rising, we are marching,

We are dancing in the street.

Our planet’s bleeding we bring healing

We will succeed and be fossil free.


We are suffering, we are healing

We are pleading, we have hope…

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