And that’s a wrap – now what’s next?

And that’s a wrap! And what a great week it was 🙂 Thanks to everyone involved and to everyone who came to a show or supported BRINK Festival

Even though the performances have ended, the conversations and questions continue. How can we divest the Arts in WA from fossil fuel sponsorship and transition to more ethical and sustainable support? What is the role of arts and cultural workers in this? The role of government; of the audience; and of the corporations who profit from being in WA?

It’s a complex conversation that involves ethics, economics, social justice and accountability. I’ve had a crack as trying to scope this in a recent opinion piece I wrote for ArtsHub

image Shutterstock

There’s a lot more to be said, and I hope many more people will contribute their thoughts, ideas, hopes and inspiration to help us solve this.

Let’s keep talking…

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