The Women Playwrights Int…

The Women Playwrights International Conference 2012 has just wound down in Stockholm Sweden. The conference focussed on playwrights from the Middle East and Africa and we heard from some amazing women working in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Kurdistan, Israel, South Africa, and Uganda. But there were women from all over the world sharing their working practices and showing their work, including the wonderful Mallika Sarabhai from the Darpana arts academy in India (see picture).
WPIC 2012 gave a wide-ranging and fascinating overview how women create work across the world, but in particular in the Middle East and Africa where there are very specific challenges for women. I was moved by performances from young performers living in Afghanistan, and by the enthusiasm and energy of Nidal Al Achkar from Al Madina Theatre in Beirut.
WPIC in 2015 will take place in Cape Town, South Africa.


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