“A Simple Rain”

My latest poetry publication is A Simple Rain – a collaborative project with visual artist Perdita Phillips, published by Lethologica Press.

These poems respond to the magnificent landscape and rocks (yes, rocks!) of the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta, Canada.

Not just one for the geologists, this collection – well, perhaps Kevin Gillam and Mark Treddinick say it better than I can …

Photography with an eye for symbolism and hint of narrative, prose filled with visual acuity and flurries and flakes of inventiveness. There is a tangible synergy here between text and image, giving rise to “dissolved aspirations”, depth…past mourning” and the “notes of ages”. ‘A simple rain’ is a book to linger over, a book to savour.

Kevin Gillam (award-winning poet)

Glance’s poetry and Phillips’s images – spiritually intelligent, spacious and honest responses to this austere and shapely northern wilderness, and to each other’s work – teach us how to see again, less simply but more clearly: into our own and each other’s hearts and into the architecture of this world of places.

Mark Tredinnick (author and poet, winner Montreal Poetry Prize)

For a preview of A Simple Rain  or to purchase a copy, please visit the Lethologica Press website: http://www.lethologicapress.org/teapot/?page_id=2135

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