Gertrude Stein on stage

Photo 4-12-2013 7 43 19 pm

I’ve been playing the role of Gertrude Stein in Her Infinite Variety Ensemble’s production of Gertrude Stein and a Companion by Win Wells. It’s been a fascinating and inspiring journey finding out about this incredible woman and her partner, Alice B. Toklas. As both a writer and performer I’ve enjoyed playing the role, which incorporates Stein’s writing, too. This was a rare chance for my love of both language and performing to come together.

Photo 4-12-2013 7 47 22 pm

Plus there were some great reviews! See:

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One comment on “Gertrude Stein on stage

  1. MaryAnn says:

    Gertrude Stein is indeed a challenge, as I discovered when I tried to write about her. But I also discovered that she is worth every minute that we devote to capturing her genius. I’ve been following your reviews, and do so wish that I could be there to see your performance — it sounds spectacular. Go break a leg.

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