The first draft of ‘The Botany Play’ is finished!

I now need to review/edit and shape it into a play for production. This is a delicate time as a play can be helped or ruined by development, it depends on so many things. But I have learnt that too many ‘cooks’ is definitely not a good idea. Also, a director or producer may want to invest their own ideas and impressions into the play they want to produce, and if that dialogue is to take place, it needs to happen early in the process.

So, if anyone knows a theatre producer or director interested in plays that explore science (in particular, botany), the history of plant hunting, and the conflicts around environmental conservation, please let me know. 🙂

Oh, and I need to find a better title!! ‘The Botany Play’ is okay as a working title, but I can’t see it on a poster…

Wish me luck!

For anyone interested in the plant at the centre of this play – here’s the link to its Wikipedia entry:

It’s a fascinating and very unique orchid – and critically endangered.



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